Mad Hatter Tea Party :: March 2009

In the spring we hold a Mad Hatter Tea Party in which we decorate our hats for spring and give a little nod to Alice and that Mad, Mad Hatter.

The Witches Wassail :: December 2006

In December we have the Witches' Wassail. For this event we decorate our hats for Yule and go out on the town singing Yule carols.

Stay tuned... there is no telling what we will plan next. Better still, come join us in the fun!

5 October 2019

The fourteenth Witches' High Tea charming the lobby of the elegant Grand America Hotel with a glamorie of Witchy Toggery.

20 October 2018

The thirteenth Witches' High Tea haunting the lobby of the elegant Grand America Hotel with multifarious Witchy Habiliments.

21 October 2017

The twelfth Witches' High Tea enchanting the lobby of the elegant Grand America Hotel with a myriad of Witchy Accouterment.

22 October 2016

The eleventh Witches' High Tea flooding the lobby of the exquisite Grand America Hotel with a tsunami of Witchy Refinery.

17 October 2015

The tenth Witches' High Tea saturating the lobby of the beautiful Grand America Hotel with an overflow of Witchy Raiment.

18 October 2014

The ninth Witches' High Tea rivaling the beautiful lobby of the Grand America Hotel with the enchantment of their Witchy Magnificentness.

19 October 2013

The eighth Witches' High Tea overflowing the elegant lobby of the Grand America Hotel with a torrent of Witchy Glamour.

28 October 2012

The seventh Witches' High Tea engulfing the exquisite lobby of the Grand America Hotel with a deluge of Witchy Haberdashery.

1 October 2011

The sixth Witches' High Tea filling the lobby of the beautiful Grand America Hotel with a plethora of Witchy Regalia.

16 October 2010

The fifth Witches' High Tea at the beautiful Grand America Hotel transforming their lobby into a sea of pointy hats.

10 October 2009

The fourth Witches' High Tea at the beautiful Grand America Hotel filling their lobby with even more Witches dressed to the nines.

18 October 2008

The third Witches' High Tea brought us back to the beautiful Grand America Hotel once again filling their lobby with Witches decked out in their finest.

28 October 2007

For the second Witches' High Tea we decided to hold the event at the fabulous Beehive Tea Room. Twas a lovely afternoon however this venue has a limited capacity and we were a bit cramped with the crowd that attended.

13 October 2006

The first Witches' High Tea was held Friday, October 13, 2006 at the Grand America Hotel. Twenty five Witches showed up in their finest formal witch wear for a delightful afternoon.

Please Inquire at Crone's Hollow for future event details.

Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Accept no imitations! This is THE TEA everyone is talking about. The one covered by the Salt Lake Tribune and SLUG magazine. The one shown on KSL Channel 5 and Fox 13 news. The one that fills the Grand America's Lobby Lounge with a sea of hats! We hope you'll come join us!

The Utah Black Hat Society is a group of Witches and friends who live a life of mirth and magick. We come together to share, learn and just have fun while taking a whimsical view of our tall pointy hats and celebrating who we are.

Worn on the head witch hats are symbolic of wisdom and intelligence. The pointed form of the witch's hat represents the cone of power. The cone of power is associated with the circle, the symbol of the sun, unity, eternity, rebirth and the triangle.

Watch our facebook group or check in at Crone's Hollow for events such as The Witches' High Tea, The Witches' Wassail, The Mad Hatter Tea Party and whatever other mischief and mayham we can think of. We are here to connect, socialize, and just have a good time. Trolls need not apply. Happy Flying!!!

The Witches' High Tea

Our signature event is the Witches' High Tea held every October.

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Other Events

While the Witches' High Tea is our signature event it is not the only event we host throughout the year.

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